Buy 250 gold World of Tanks - bonus code (RU)

250 gold World of Tanks - bonus code (RU)

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You buy a bonus code to activate the 250 gold for World of Tanks (WoT).

World of Tanks - free online shooter. Anyone can download the game client and take part in large-scale tank battles just half a minute after the start of the game by testing on himself as the legendary machines of the Second World, and test prototypes, do not leave the territory of the test sites.

What gives the player the presence of gold?
➔ Premium account
➔ Exchange on game credits
➔ Translation experience
➔ Premium tanks
➔ Crew Training
➔ Additional slots in the hangar

And it´s not the whole list! The advantages of playing gold weight!

Which server is sold game gold?
➔ game gold is disseminated only on RU-segment.

Why Buy Game Gold from us?
➔ We have low prices and fast delivery! We also have pure Gold, unlike many other sellers!

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