Buy Bonus Code - 1000 Gold game World of Tanks

Bonus Code - 1000 Gold game World of Tanks

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Bonus Code - 1000 Gold game World of Tanks
Immediately after payment you will receive a bonus code, which can be immediately activated on your account!
After activating the bonus code you will receive: 1000 game gold.

World of Tanks (World of Tanks eng.) - Client-based massively multiplayer online game in real time in the genre of arcade tank simulator in the historical setting of World War II, developed by Belarusian studio. The developers of the game is positioned as a MMO-shooter with elements of role-playing, shooter and strategy. В«World of TanksВ» The concept is based on a team of tank battles in PvP mode.

Instructions on how to activate the Bonus code:
1. After the acquisition of Bonus code, you have to go to the official website -> Please log in or create an account.
2. Go to My Account -> Bonus Enter code and implement the activation code.
3. After entering the correct bonus code, you will receive a message "on your account credited funds.".

For detailed instructions on how to activate the Bonus codes can be read here:

<Delivery> For one account, you can use an unlimited number of bonus codes in this series! </ Delivery>

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18.06.2018 17:35:59спасибо,всё пришло и без обмана...
25.05.2018 13:18:10Всё ок, спасибо
21.04.2018 14:53:06Все ок
20.12.2017 15:35:44Всё супер!!! Продавца советую!!!
27.11.2017 23:53:55Оперативно, спасибо
13.11.2017 16:19:40Бонус-код пришел мгновенно!
Активировал, все работает. Покупаем, все хорошо.
03.10.2017 12:37:09Спасибо!!! Всё отлично!!!
05.09.2017 21:06:48норм
25.08.2017 0:04:21все прийшло
11.05.2017 13:17:21Все хорошо. Код активировался моментально всем рекомендую.