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The task:
Bear faithful and Katya Wrong-bride and groom. They met on Friday afternoon.
1. Bear reproachfully told Katie that tried in vain to call her on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Katie never had a home!
2.-I must have been her friends, -opravdyvalas Katya.-You know that they have four: Olga, Pirie, Rosie and Shari. Here I am and I go to them sometimes.
-And All four days you spent with your girlfriends?
3.-Well, of course! After all, I have four friends, and every day I visited another.
-Why Could not go to all four in one day?
4.-Because they are not too fond of each other, and I had to come up with for each its "program" visit. The one we went to the barber shop to the hair styling, on the other visited the dressmaker, the third entirely met by chance in the library, and on the fourth long ago agreed to go on the boat station in Rome promenade and boating. However, what do you care? I could not get through, so what?
Bear resentfully said nothing, but his doubts plaguing not dissipated. Kate tried in vain to convince him, the first four days of the week exactly as told -Mishka decided a good thought, get to the truth.
What information he is possessed?
5. All the first four days he called Kathy from the beach. Shari accidentally all those days spent on the beach.
6. Piri and Rosie can not be accused of anything bad. But today, on Friday, they complained to each other that their hair in a terrible mess: at least a week the girls were not in a hairdressing salon.
7. To admit the truth, Tuesday bear went to the movies with Olga. There they met a girl who was going along with Kate go to the dressmaker, but she suddenly went somewhere.
8. Kate is in a barber shop in the morning during the second half of the week (on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays), whatever it was engaged.
9. No Peary nor Rosie never in the library.
10. On Tuesdays from Roman waterfront holiday.
What about the "program" Katie incorrect?

Additional information

The archive contains the source code of the program in Prolog. The lines of code are comments, so it will be much easier to defend this work the teacher.


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