Buy Premium tank M4A1 Revalorise

Premium tank M4A1 Revalorise

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Here you can buy a premium French tank VIII level M4A1 Revalorisé for World Of Tanks.

It is unusual to see "Sherman" under the French banner. And he forgot the eighth level? Everyone can turn it into a burning sieve.

But everything will fall into place, when you look at his gun. Precise and a killer 105-mm gun with an excellent break of just blows opponents. 200 mm armor penetration and 390 points of damage at the base of the projectile sabot ... But there is also a "cumulative"!

M4A1 Revalorisé really deadly, but do not forget about caution: the tank is vulnerable to return fire, especially during recharging, which takes about 13 seconds. Once you get used to it, "the Frenchman" will bring you a lot of "fun" and credits!

This premium tank battles earns 10% more experience and 50% more experience for the crew, and also has a high rate of return compared with the pumped appliances.

<Attention> Warning! Tank just for RU region! </Attention>

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<Attention> After payment, send private messages to your username in World of Tanks, and a unique code that will get after payment! </Attention>


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Хороший продавец , товар пришёл быстро !