Buy Calling Card OXYGEN Uzbekistan-5 units (5 000sum)

Calling Card OXYGEN Uzbekistan-5 units (5 000sum)

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One of the most convenient and cheapest way to long-distance and international communication is IP-telephony.

OXYGEN NETWORKSВ® offers you call long distance and international lines with normal cell phone with discounts up to 50% of the amount you pay is usually using the "8" or provider of cellular tariffs. To do this you only need to buy a card OXYGEN NETWORKSВ®

In our telephone system OXYGEN NETWORKSВ® currencies converted into units (units) and the cards have the following denominations:
3 units - 30% -50% discount on existing tariffs for international and long-distance calls;
5 units - 30% -50%;
10 units - 30% -50%;
20 units - 35% -50%;
50 units - 40% -50%;
The maps of all denominations a single tariff for calls to Russia - 230 sum.

In this case, the face value of the card you buy 5 units (1 unit = 1 000 UZS)
Just imagine that you bought the card in denominations of 50 units and talked a minute, which is the usual "8" would cost you 100 sum, from the card OXYGEN NETWORKSВ® you pay only 60 sum !!!

Each card has its own 10-digit PIN-code, which is the right of access to the system OXYGEN NETWORKSВ®.

Full and detailed information can be found on the official website of the company

Instructions for using a calling card OXYGEN NETWORKSВ®:
1. Erase the protective layer secret PIN-code.
2. Dial the number 238-12-12 (in Tashkent).
3. Dial the number 8-805-1400010 (the rest of the territory of Uzbekistan).
4. Be sure to turn the phone into tone mode by pressing the button (*)
5. Select the language to listen to instructions.
6. Enter the PIN-code
7. For international calls dial 10 + country code + area code + local phone number
8. For the long-distance call dial the area code + local phone number

The card is valid until: 12/31/2017 Year
The validity of the card from the first set of PIN-code - 3 months

For more information call to Tashkent: +998 71 238 12 00
Inquiries in regions: 8 805 1400012

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