Buy The script definition of the country's IP visitor (geoIP).

The script definition of the country's IP visitor (geoIP).

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The script provides the ability to find the country on a visitor's IP. The script does not require complicated settings, NOT server load! All data is transmitted to the variables that can then be used for any purpose. For example, for organizations receiving paid SMS messages, etc.

How to apply and use?
1. Fill in the hosting script and give it appropriate permissions CHMOD.
2. Turn on the script INCLUDE command to the desired location of the site. Ie write: Include ("geoIP.php");
3. After that, we get the variables: $ country - a country in which the person
$ Flag - the path to the picture with the flag of the country
$ Details - details of the provider (operator name, etc.)
$ Domain - the two-letter name of the country. For example ru - Russia, ua - Ukraine
4. If at least one of the variables will return the value -1, it means that it was not possible to determine Geoinfo.

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