Buy CTuner - Setup Server CBI Kodos.

CTuner - Setup Server CBI Kodos.

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The program "CTuner" - written for quick setup CBI Kodos.
Let the touch of a few buttons as possible opreativno Kodos and configure the server to configure the necessary server connection to the controllers.
It allows you to run a full diagnostic utilities kompekt Kodos from the program interface. You no longer need to keep in mind the way zapucka tools Kodos!
The program also provides the ability to edit the file codos.ini all the most common configuration of this file included in the program interface (see. Screenshot). You no longer need to keep in mind the names of the parameters and their values \u200b\u200bare correct! File codos.ini tweak for your program, you will only need to select the settings of the options.
Installation is not required. Simply unzip the file to the installation folder Kodos and create a shortcut on the desktop. (Note: The file CTuner.exe must lie in the same folder codos.exe)

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