Buy IP-telephony cards and Kursk region

IP-telephony cards and Kursk region

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PIN-code and number of the personal account cards of IP-telephony company "Sovtest" denomination of 100 rubles

Additional information

1. Dial the access number:
In Kursk, 730111,
The Zheleznogorsk 79111,
The Kurchatov 20111
2. Switch phone to the tone mode (usually by pressing *).
3. enter your PIN-code (10 digits).
4. Enter the code and local phone number:
- To call on Russia: 8, area code, phone number
- For an international call: 8 country code, area code, phone number

Phone Support:
In Kursk, 730717,
The Zheleznogorsk 79,171,
The Kurchatov 20171


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