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This library allows to extend possibilities of programming language Visual Dialog Script firm SADE
The library is intended for VDS version 5.x.
Key features of the library:
1. Additional controls:
• Grid.
• The element choice.
• Easy element of EditBox with automatic filling.
• Items pop-up menu on the Grid (right click).
• graphic elements.
2. Features:
• Work with any databases (including Microsoft Excel).
• To work with databases using DSN. Your program will be fully compatible with all versions of Windows.
• The use of additional controls.
• Creation of DSN. Getting the connection string.
• Working with SQL servers through DSN.

Illustrative examples will give an opportunity to quickly get acquainted with the possibilities of the library.

Caution This special edition of the library. The library will operate without registration 20 days. A reminder message about buying does not appear to make the most comfortable to do an introduction to the library.

The library has the commands and functions. A complete list of commands and functions, see the file reg_lib.txt located in the archive.

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- E-mail address (email);
- Address to send additional information on the program, a certificate and special offers .;
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